The Nevada Cowboy & His Spanish Rose

It was the 1940’s and Easter break. My grandmother, Rosita, decided to go on an adventure with her close friend, who went to college with her at Santa Clara University. With her parent’s approval she set off to go home with her friend all the way to Battle Mountain Nevada. As she stepped foot onto the thousand acre ranch the the blazing Nevada sun shone brightly as a cowboy, sitting tall in the saddle on a horse known as Redwing, came riding over the stark horizon helping his crew move a herd of cattle. Standing a short distance away and watching intently, the lovely, young lady of Spanish heritage laid her eyes on him for the first time. He looked so handsome with a slight cock to his hat and his scarf blowing in the warm breeze. In that moment, he had taken her breath away, and she couldn’t get the image of him out of her head. Already, he had settled into her heart. It was love at first sight.

This scene could be the romantic climax to any fictional Western film, but in fact, was only the first chapter in a timeless tale of true love and perseverance that would weave through generations and bring forth seven children, 22 grandchildren, and several dozen great-grandchildren. This was the beginning of a legacy of love between a Nevada Cowboy and his Spanish Rose.

Nana never expected that her college trip to Nevada with a friend, who ended up being the cousin to my grandfather, would end the way it did. Nana told us that the day she stepped off that train in Battle Mountain Nevada, she had no idea it was the home of the love of her life, a young, blue-eyed cowboy named Thomas Jenkins Marvel.


As true love would have it these two recently rode off into that stark horizon not shortly apart from one another. Although they are no longer with us here on Earth they have left us with a beautiful example. There were hardships and tests along the way but these two proved that love indeed does conquer all.


Love you Nana and Papa!

 *Note Part of this was written by Katie Marvel Delong