Annie Rose 3 Dog Collar




Does your road dog need an update? Perhaps, you’ve been searching for the perfect collar that mixes quality, color and fun? Well my friend, Annie Rose 3 is the perfect dog collar for your four legged friend.  This blossoming beauty will decorate your dog’s fluffy or sleek neck. 

Rhinestones, roses, floral print and fiery red will give your dog a happy mood. Mixes of floral print, bloom all over a vibrant black leather background. Red whip-stitching gives the signature roses and floral the extra pop of attention. Not to mention, this collar has rhinestone accents that adds even more charm! Regardless of a working dog, or just your best friend, this collar will be durable and comfortable around your dog’s neck. Don’t forget, you, your horse and dog can mix and match with Rodeo Q tack and belts. You all can sparkle from head to toe.

Available Sizes:

Medium: 16”

Large: 18”

X-Large: 22”


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