Annie Rose 1Tie-Down

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Hey, flower child. Do you like garden parties? Then, fall in love with Annie Rose 1 tie-down and her romantic florals. Your horse will look fabulous with flowers blooming on their cute nose. A cluster of flowers will give you the ultimate flower power, as you spur your way to your next go-round win.

This blossoming beauty features an array of different types of flourishing colors and flowers on a dark chocolate overlay background. The signature Rodeo Q red roses along with soft peach roses with pink highlights, give the tie-down the extra touch of glamour. Various placed red and orange rhinestones make the flowers shine. Turquoise whip-stitching outlines the leather flower noseband party.

Annie Rose 1 headstalls, tie-down and matching spur straps are available. Or mix and match with any other Rodeo Q tack.


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