Calamity Jane- Women of the Wild West Collection




Are you a free-spirited cowgirl who likes to tell stories and let your heart drift freely?  Are you a rowdy kind of cowgirl who likes to go dancing and swingin’ in high topped boots? Are you like Calamity Jane who helps individuals and delivers selfless acts of kindness? And maybe, you’re the cowgirl who grabs a rope from the hands of a cowboy just to prove him wrong. We are inspired by all kinds of cowgirls and especially the brave and heroic types. 

Although she was a fearless story teller, Calamity Jane obtained a reputation for being able to handle a horse better than most cowboys and shoot just as good as any man. She was also a legend who nursed victims back to health who suffered from the smallpox epidemic in 1878. Beyond her kindness, in 1985, her sharp shooting skills took her into Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. 

With strong orange details and a powerful red rose mix, these brown boots will compliment your life and wardrobe. Long fringe hangs on the outside of the boots while turquoise and silver stud embellishments outline the orange collar on the 13.5” shaft. An orange square toe and a single red rose with a bold design outlined in turquoise and paired with silver studs; give the boot a bold statement finish. Slip on a pair of these boots as you drift on a daring ride and overpower all of your fears. Just like Calamity Jane, these boots take no dirt from no one! 

Product Detail: 

- Brown

- 13.5” Shaft

- 2.5” Heel

- Leather outsole & square toe

-Size: Whole and half sizes 6-11

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