Señorita Scarf/Wild Rag

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Are you an early risin’ cowgirl who reaches for a silk scarf to tie around your neck for warmth on a brisk country morning? Perhaps, you’re the cowgirl who replaces a necklace with a scarf while wearing stilettos, fringe and turquoise? Or rather, are you a cowgirl who ties a wild rag around your hair as you dance the night away under the stars, with intertwined hands of a cowboy? And maybe, you’re an adventurous cowgirl who loves wearing a wild rag on every adventure or feat you meet.

Rodeo Q knows the importance of the wild rag and its many uses –protection from the sun, wind, rain and cold, a strain for drinking cold creek water, a drape to cover the eyes of a spooked horse, the starting flag for a wild horse race or just to compliment any outfit. A senorita cowgirl stands on top of red roses in front of cacti on a high quality 100% silk leopard print background. This wild rag that can be used for anything is decorated with serape and rope borders mixed with faux suede fringe. Regardless of your taste or style, this scarf is made to ride with you cowgirl, on all of your wildest dreams.

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